Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry – The whole course in files

Discover Organic Chemistry: the whole course in files (Dunod 2013), the summary book for students in organic chemistry proposed by a team of 8 contributors under the direction of Jacques Maddaluno, Research Director at the CNRS (University of Rouen).

In 210 files, this book summarizes the many fields covered in organic chemistry in the first years of higher education: structure of molecules, chemical reaction, functions and their reactivity, biomolecules, fine chemistry, industrial chemistry…

An original educational concept adapted to the needs of students preparing for an exam or competition.

The +
+ 210 summary sheets to retain the essentials of the course
+ 90 corrected MCQs to assess yourself
+ 125 corrected exercises to practice
+ ” focus ” to discover the history of chemistry and its applications in everyone’s life days
+ digital resources for students and teachers, available on this site: purple tab “Digital Resources” and Teachers Club section .

– Undergraduate students (L1, L2, L3) in Materials or Life Sciences
– Students in IUT
– Students tackling health studies (PAES – UE1, paramedical competitions)
– Students in preparatory classes and Grandes Ecoles
– Candidates for teaching contest